John Heydon – Pretty Green Bank


Pretty Green Bank, farewel, & mayst thou wear

Sun-beams, and Rose, and Lillies all the year;

She slept on thee, but needed not to shed

Her Gold, ‘twas pay enough to be her bed:

Thy Flowers are Favourites; for this lov’d day

They were my Rivals, and with her did play;

They found their heav’n at hand, and in her eyes

Enjoy’d a Copy of their absent skies.

Their weaker paint did with true Glories Trade,

And mingled with her cheeks, one Posie made;

And did not her soft skin confine their Pride,

And with a screen of Silk her flowers divide;

They had suck’d life from thence, and from her heat

Borrow’d a soul to make themselves compleat.

            O happy Pillow! though thou art laid even

With dust, she made thee up almost a heaven;

Her breath rain’d spices, and each Amber Ring

Of her bright locks, strew’d Bracelets ore thy Spring;

That Earths not poor, did such a Treasure hold,

But thrice inrich’d with Amber, Spice and Gold.



Heydon, John. The Holy Guide. Book 6: 35-36. London: T.M., 1662. Internet Archive, n.d. Web. 9 Feb. 2016.


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