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When Mary went to the hospital [St. Elizabeths], she immediately saw a man “hit by history full blast.” Though Pound had persevered, the man she had known as a beloved father and teacher no longer existed. He wandered on psychiatric wards amid the disheartening chaos of disheveled minds. He spoke to ramshackle disciples on guarded lawns; he doled out pennies from a meager purse.

Carol Schloss. Preface. Let the Wind Speak: Mary de Rachewiltz and Ezra Pound. Philadelphia, U. of Pennsylvania P, 2023. xi-xii.


“The title is: SECTION; ROCK DRILL which applies specifically to 85/89. The Paradiso proper starting with 90. However, the reader will have to find THAT out for himself.”

Ezra Pound to Mary de Rachewiltz, 23 November 1954.  Taylor, 195.





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