1. Shines

  2. in the mind of heaven God 
  3. who made it 
  4. more than the sun 
  5. in our eye. 
  6. Fifth element; mud; said Napoleon 

  7. With usury has no man a good house 
  8. made of stone, no paradise on his church wall 
  9. With usury the stone cutter is kept from his stone 
  10. the weaver is kept from his loom by usura 
  11. Wool does not come into market 
  12. the peasant does not eat his own grain 
  13. the girl’s needle goes blunt in her hand 
  14. The looms are hushed one after another 
  15. ten thousand after ten thousand 
  16. Duccio was not by usura 
  17. Nor was ‘La Calunnia’ painted. 
  18. Neither Ambrogio Praedis nor Angelico 
  19. had their skill by usura 
  20. Nor St Trophime its cloisters; 
  21. Nor St Hilaire its proportion. 
  22. Usury rusts the man and his chisel 
  23. It destroys the craftsman, destroying craft; 
  24. Azure is caught with cancer. Emerald comes to no Memling 
  25. Usury kills the child in the womb 
  26. And breaks short the young man’s courting 
  27. Usury brings age into youth; it lies between the bride 
  28. and the bridegroom 
  29. Usury is against Nature’s increase. 
  30. Whores for Eleusis; 
  31. Under usury no stone is cut smooth 
  32. Peasant has no gain from his sheep herd 
  33. Blue dun; number 2 in most rivers 
  34. for dark days, when it is cold 
  35. A starling’s wing will give you the colour 
  36. or duck widgeon, if you take feather from under the wing 
  37. Let the body be of blue fox fur, or a water rat’s 
  38. or grey squirrel’s. Take this with a portion of mohair 
  39. and a cock’s hackle for legs.
  40. 12th of March to 2nd of April 
  41. Hen pheasant’s feather does for a fly, 
  42. green tail, the wings flat on the body 
  43. Dark fur from a hare’s ear for a body 
  44. a green shaded partridge feather 
  45. grizzled yellow cock’s hackle 
  46. green wax; harl from a peacock’s tail 
  47. bright lower body; about the size of pin 
  48. the head should be. can be fished from seven a.m. 
  49. till eleven; at which time the brown marsh fly comes on. 
  50. As long as the brown continues, no fish will take Granham

  51. That hath the light of the doer, as it were
  52. a form cleaving to it. 
  53. Deo similis quodam modo

  54. hic intellectus adeptus 
  55. Grass; nowhere out of place. Thus speaking in Königsberg 
  56. Zwischen die Volkern erzielt wird 

  57. a modus vivendi

  58. circling in eddying air; in a hurry; 
  59. the 12: close eyed in the oily wind 
  60. these were the regents; and a sour song from the folds 
  61. of his belly 
  62. sang Geryone; I am the help of the aged;

  63. I pay men to talk peace; 
  64. Mistress of many tongues; merchant of chalcedony
  65. I am Geryon twin with usura, 
  66. You who have lived in a stage set. 
  67. A thousand were dead in his folds; 
  68. in the eel-fishers basket
  69. Time was of the League of Cambrai


 ching ming


A Draft of XXX Cantos

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