1. So this is (may we take it) Mitteleuropa:

  2. Mr Corles  was in command of machine guns 

  3. but when the time came to fire 

  4. he merely lit a cigarette and walked away from his 

  5. battery and seated himself in a field, 

  6. So some subaltern gave the order to fire 

  7. and Mr Corles did not suffer the extreme penalty 

  8. because his family 

  9. was a very good bourgeois family in Vienna 

  10. and he was therefor sent to a mind sanatorium.

  11. Mr Fidascz

  12. explained to me 

  13. the horrors of playing the fiddle while that ass Nataanovitch

  14. or some other better known -ovitch 

  15. whose name we must respect because of the 

  16. law of libel, 

  17. was conducting 

  18. in particular the Mattias Passion, after requesting that 

  19. the audience come in black clothes; 

  20. And the Fraulein Doktor nearly wept over the Tyrol

  21. being incapable of seeing that the century-old joke on Italia

  22. was now on somebody else 

  23. though if they cd. sentimentalize over that lousy old 

  24. bewhiskered sonvabitch François Giuseppe of whom nothing 

  25. good is recorded—in fact with the most patient research—

  26. nothing good is recorded...... and so forth.... 

  27. this is Mitteleuropa 

  28.                    and Tsievitz 

  29. has explained to me the warmth of affections, 

  30. the intramural, the almost intravaginal warmth of 

  31. hebrew affections, in the family, and nearly everything else.... 

  32. pointing out that Mr Lewinesholme has suffered by deprivation 

  33. of same and exposure to American snobbery ...     “I am a product,” 

  34. said the young lady, “of Mitteleuropa,” 

  35. but she seemed to have been able to mobilize 

  36. and the fine thing was that the family did not

  37. wire about papa’s death for fear of disturbing the concert 

  38. which might seem to contradict the general indefinite wobble. 

  39. It must be rather like some internal organ,

  40. some communal life of the pancreas.... sensitivity 

  41. without direction ... this is ... 

  42. Oh yes, there are nobles, still interested in polo 

  43. said the whoring countess of course there were nobles. 

  44. Mister Axon the usually so intelligent was 

  45. after two lunches with Dortmund unable, in fact he was 

  46. quite unable to play respectable chess and the younger 

  47. Alexi after living with Murphy 

  48. was observed to be gray in the gills 

  49. through a presumed loss of vitality we have said that 

  50. stupidity is contagious, the divorce of Potemkin 

  51. was impeded by the death of his grandmother 

  52. and a resurgence of family feeling. His 

  53. wife now acts as his model and the Egeria

  54. has, let us say, married a realtor. Having resigned overt 

  55. intention to remarry, the widow, once the rose, 

  56. spends her time now plaguing her daughter, and

  57. Mr Elias said to me: 

  58.                       “How do you get inspiration? 

  59. “Now my friend Hall Caine told me he came on a case 

  60. “a very sad case of a girl in the East End of London 

  61. “and it gave him an  i n s p i r a t i o n. The only 

  62. “way I get inspiration is occasionally from a girl, I 

  63. “mean sometimes sitting in a restaurant and

  64.                         looking at a pretty girl I 

  65. “get an i-de-a, I-mean-a biz-nis i-de-a?” 

  66.                 dixit sic felix Elias

  67. The tale of the perfect schnorrer: a peautiful chewisch poy 

  68. wit a vo-ice dot woult 

  69. meldt dh heart offa schtone 

  70. and wit a likeing for to make arht-voiks 

  71. and ven dh oldt ladty wasn’t dhere any more 

  72. and dey didn’t know why, tdhere ee woss in the

  73. oldt antique schop and nobodty knew how he got dhere 

  74. and venn hiss brudder diet widout any bapers 

  75. he vept all ofer dh garpet so much he 

  76. had to have his clothes aftervards pressed 

  77. and he orderet a magnifficent funeral 

  78. and tden zent dh pill to dh vife. 

  79.                   But when they have high cheek-bones 

  80. they are supposed to be Mongol. Eljen! Eljen Hatvany

  81. He had ideals and he said to the general at the conference,

  82. “I introduce to you the head of the bakers’ union. 

  83. “I introduce to you the head of the brick-layers’ union..” 

  84. Comment! Vous êtes tombés si bas?” 

  85.                    replied General Franchet de Whatshisname

  86. on the part of the french royalist party, showing thus 

  87. the use of ideals to a jewish Hungarian baron 

  88. with a library (naturally with a library) 

  89. and a fine collection of paintings?    “We find the land over-brained.” 

  90. said the bojars or whatever the old savages call it 

  91. as they hung their old huntsman friend to his chandelier 

  92. in his dining hall after the usual feasting and flagons 

  93. VIRTUSCH!! it must be one helluva country. Item

  94. That there be made a fontego (a chamber) 

  95. to lend money on cloth so that they cease not to 

  96. labour for lack of money .. Item: that there be made a scavenzaria 

  97. and it be furnished with cloth thus pledged 

  98. to be sold a schavezo at a price as if wholesale 

  99. plus only the proportion of the tax for the retail so that 

  100. Mantua cloth being cheap as in countries circumjacent and that 

  101. Brescians, Cremonesi, Parmenesi, Resanesi 

  102. who now go to Verona where it is cheaper as also 

  103. our own townsfolk go there, they wd. then come here or 

  104. stay here to the augment of industry and increase in 

  105. the retail tax and all of the other taxes. 

  106. Item: for the increase of this art 

  107. shd. be a man stationed in Venice ... to sell what we 

  108. can’t sell here ... Item: a dye works ... that they can dye 

  109. the pledged cloth ... and that finding here cloth well coloured 

  110. ... inficit umbras.... 

  111. the Romagnols wd. come here to Mantua, and the March folk 

  112. who now go to Verona to buy ... all of which wd. 

  113. be gain to this industry, bring more people to live here 

  114. and be of great use to yr. taxes

  115.                                               Mantua 1401, una grida

  116. When the stars fall from the olive

  117. Or with four points or with five 

  118. Toward St John’s eve

  119. Came this day Madame ὔληMadame la Porte Parure

  120. Adorned with the Romancero

  121. foot like a flowery branch. That 

  122. Venice be luogo di contratto may we 

  123. say the place where the deal is made 

  124. and the profits 

  125. most assuredly from the pocket 

  126. of the last man who buys / exempt from customs

  127. be food stuffs and nothing else so exempted 

  128. 9 per cent in, and 9 out, for the upkeep of “The Dominant” 

  129. and De Gama (Vasco) a great inconvenience in fact the 

  130. worst news that there could be but: 

  131.                    Can Portugal keep it up? 

  132. omnes de partibus ultramarinis

  133. needing salt, made their peace with Venice 

  134. who commands sea, commands trade” 

  135. let the rest provide for “The Dominant,” “Victoria?

  136. “Where ’ave I ’eard that nayme?” 

  137. Undersell, overbuy, maintain defence of the sea route 

  138.                    a.d. 1423 et cetera 

  139. 9% in and 9 out, no export of sand, alkali, rags

  140. Quality. So that our goods please the buyer. 

  141. Tell the Wazir that that stuff is ours only in name 

  142. it is made by damned jews in exile, made by damned jews in 

  143. Ragusa and sold with Venetian labels. Goods in

  144. Venetian bottoms

  145. no ship to be built out of Venice. 

  146.                   Mocenigo. Fourteen twenty-three. 

  147. Have a load-line, no heavy deck cargo. Tola, octroi and decime




Cantos LII - LXXI

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