1. And if you will say that this tale teaches ...
      2. a lesson, or that the Reverend Eliot

      3. has found a more natural language ... you who think you will
      4. get through hell in a hurry ...
      5. That day there was cloud over Zoagli
      6. And for three days snow cloud over the sea
      7. Banked like a line of mountains.
      8. Snow fell. Or rain fell stolid, a wall of lines
      9. So that you could see where the air stopped open
      10. and where the rain fell beside it
      11. Or the snow fell beside it. Seventeen
      12. Years on this case, nineteen years, ninety years
      13. on this case
      14. An’ the fuzzy bloke sez (legs no pants ever wd. fit) ‘IF
      15. that is so, any government worth a damn can
      16. pay dividends?’
      17. The major chewed it a bit and sez: ‘Y—es, eh ...
      18. You mean instead of collectin’ taxes?’
      19. Instead of collecting taxes.’ That office?
      20. Didja see the Decennio?
      21. ?
      22. Decennio exposition, reconstructed office of Il Popolo,
      23. Waal, ours waz like that, minus the Mills bomb an’ the teapot,

      24. heavy lipped chap at the desk,

      25. One half green eye and one brown one, nineteen
      26. Years on this case, CRIME
      27. Ov two CENturies, 5 millions bein’ killed off
      28. to 1919, and before that
      29. Debts of the South to New York, that is to the
      30. banks of the city, two hundred million,
      31. war, I don’t think (or have it your own way ...)
      32. about slavery?
      33. Five million being killed off .. couple of Max’s drawings,
      34. one of Balfour and a camel, an’
      35. one w’ich fer oBviOus reasons haz
      36. never been published, ole Johnny Bull with a ’ankerchief.
      37. It has never been published ..
      38. ‘He ain’t got an opinion.’
      39. Sez Orage about G.B.S. sez Orage about Mr Xtertn.
      40. Sez Orage about Mr Wells, ‘he wont HAVE an opinion
      41. trouble iz that you mean it, you never will be a journalist.’
      42. 19 years on this case, suburban garden,
      43. ‘Greeks!’ sez John Marmaduke ‘a couple of art tricks!
      44. ‘What else? never could set up a NATION!
      45. ‘Wouldn’t convert me, wdn’t HAVE me converted,
      46. ‘Said “I know I didn’t ask you, your father sent you here
      47. “to be trained. I know what I’d feel.
      48. “send my son to England and have him come back a christian!
      49. “what wd. I feel?”‘ Suburban garden
      50. Said Abdul Baha: “I said ‘let us speak of religion.’
      51. “Camel driver said: ‘I must milk my camel.’
      52. “So when he had milked his camel I said ‘let us speak of religion.’
      53. And the camel driver said: ‘It is time to drink milk.
      54. ‘Will you have some?’ For politeness I tried to join him.
      55. Have you ever tasted milk from a camel?
      56. I was unable to drink camel’s milk. I have never been able.
      57. So he drank all of the milk, and I said: ‘let us speak of religion.’
      58. ‘I have drunk my milk. I must dance.’ said the driver.
      59. We did not speak of religion.” Thus Abdul Baha
      60. Third vice-gerent of the First Abdul or whatever Baha,
      61. the Sage, the Uniter, the founder of a religion,
      62. in a garden at Uberton, Gubberton, or mebbe it was some
      63. other damned suburb, but at any rate a suburban suburb
      64. amid a flutter of teacups, said Mr Marmaduke:
      65. “Never will understand us. They lie. I mean personally
      66. “They are mendacious, but if the tribe gets together
      67. “the tribal word will be kept, hence perpetual misunderstanding.
      68. “Englishman goes there, lives honest, word is reliable,
      69. “ten years, they believe him, then he signs terms for his government.
      70. “and, naturally, the treaty is broken, Mohammedans,
      71. “Nomads, will never understand how we do this.”
      72. 17 years on this case, and we not the first lot!
      73. Said Paterson:
      74. Hath benefit of interest on all
      75. the moneys which it, the bank, creates out of nothing.

      76. Semi-private inducement
      77. Said Mr RothSchild, hell knows which Roth-schild
      78. 1861, ’64 or there sometime, “Very few people

      79. “will understand this. Those who do will be occupied
      80. “getting profits. The general public will probably not
      81. “see it’s against their interest.”
      82. Seventeen years on the case; here
      83. Gents, is/are the confession.
      84. “Can we take this into court?
      85. “Will any jury convict on this evidence?
      86. 1694 anno domini, on through the ages of usury
      87. On, right on, into hair-cloth, right on into rotten building,
      88. Right on into London houses, ground rents, foetid brick work,
      89. Will any jury convict ‘um? The Foundation of Regius Professors
      90. Was made to spread lies and teach Whiggery, will any

      91. JURY convict ’um?
      92. The Macmillan Commission about two hundred and forty years LATE
      93. with great difficulty got back to Paterson’s
      94. The bank makes it ex nihil
      95. Denied by five thousand professors, will any
      96. Jury convict ’um? This case, and with it
      97. the first part, draws to a conclusion,
      98. of the first phase of this opus, Mr Marx, Karl, did not
      99. foresee this conclusion, you have seen a good deal of
      100. the evidence, not knowing it evidence, is monumentum
      101. look about you, look, if you can, at St Peter’s
      102. Look at the Manchester slums, look at Brazilian coffee
      103. or Chilean nitrates. This case is the first case
      104. Si requieres monumentum?
      105. This case is not the last case or the whole case, we ask a
      106. REVISION, we ask for enlightenment in a case
      107. moving concurrent, but this case is the first case:
      108. Bank creates it ex nihil. Creates it to meet a need,
      109. Hic est hyper-usura. Mr. Jefferson met it:
      110. No man hath natural right to exercise profession
      111. of lender, save him who hath it to lend.
      112. Replevin, estopple, what wangle which wangle, VanBuren met it.
      113. Before that was tea dumped into harbour, before that was a
      114. great deal still in the school books, placed there
      115. NOT as evidence. Placed there to distract idle minds,
      116. Murder, starvation and bloodshed, seventy four red revolutions
      117. Ten empires fell on this grease spot.
      118. I rule the Earth’ said Antoninus ‘but LAW rules the sea’
      119. meaning, we take it, lex Rhodi, the Law Maritime
      120. of sea lawyers.
      121. usura and sea insurance
      122. where from no State was erected greater than Athens.
      123. Wanting TAXES to build St Peter’s, thought Luther beneath civil notice,
      124. 1527. Thereafter art thickened. Thereafter design went to hell,
      125. Thereafter barocco, thereafter stone-cutting desisted.
      126. ‘Hic nefas’ (narrator) ‘commune sepulchrum.’

      127. 19 years on this case/first case. I have set down part of
      128. The Evidence. Part/commune sepulchrum
      129. Aurum est commune sepulchrum. Usura, commune sepulchrum.
      130. helandros kai heleptolis kai helarxe.
      131. Hic Geryon est. Hic hyperusura.

      132. FIVE million youths without jobs
      133. FOUR million adult illiterates
      134. 15 million ‘vocational misfits’, that is with small chance for jobs
      135. NINE million persons annual, injured in preventable industrial accidents
      136. One hundred thousand violent crimes. The Eunited States ov America
      137. 3rd year of the reign of F. Roosevelt, signed F. Delano, his uncle.
      138. CASE for the prosecution. That is one case, minor case
      139. in the series/Eunited States of America, a.d. 1935
      140. England a worse case, France under a foetor of regents.
      141. Mr Cummings wants Farley’s job’ headline in current paper.


A Draft of XXX Cantos

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