1. Desolate is the roof where the cat sat, 

  2. Desolate is the iron rail that he walked 

  3. And the corner post whence he greeted the sunrise. 

  4. In hill path: “thkk, thgk”

  5.                                        of the loom 

  6. “Thgk, thkk” and the sharp sound of a song 

  7.                under olives 

  8. When I lay in the ingle of Circe

  9. I heard a song of that kind. 

  10.                  Fat panther lay by me 

  11. Girls talked there of fucking, beasts talked there of eating, 

  12. All heavy with sleep, fucked girls and fat leopards, 

  13. Lions loggy with Circe’s tisane

  14. Girls leery with Circe’s tisane

  15.               kακὰ φάρμακ’ ἔδωκεν 

  16.                    kaka pharmak edoken 

  17. The house of smooth stone that you can see from a distance 

  18. λύκοι ἦσαν ὀρέσεροι, ἠδὲ λέοντες

  19. lukoi oresteroi ede leontes 

  20.                     wolf to curry favour for food 

  21. born to Helios and Perseis

  22.                   That had Pasiphae for a twin 

  23. Venter venustus, cunni cultrix, of the velvet marge 

  24.                   ver novum, canorum, ver novum 

  25. Spring overborne into summer 

  26.                     late spring in the leafy autumn 

  27. Καλὸν ἀοιδιάει


  29.                             ῎H θεòς, ήὲ γυνή.....φθεγγώμεθα θα̃σσον

  30.                                  e theos e guné.... ptheggometha thasson 

  31. First honey and cheese 

  32.                     honey at first and then acorns

  33. Honey at the start and then acorns 

  34. honey and wine and then acorns 

  35. Song sharp at the edge, her crotch like a young sapling

  36. illa dolore obmutuit, pariter vocem 

  37. Ἀλλ’  ἄλλην χρὴ πρῶτον ὁδὸν τελέσαι καὶ ἱκέσθαι   490/5

  38. εἰς Ἀΐδαο δόμους καὶ ἐπαινῆς Περσεφονείης, 

  39. ψυχῇ χρησομένους Θηβαίου Τειρεσίαο,

  40. μάντιος ἀλαοῦ, τοῦ τε φρένες ἔμπεδοί εἰσι:

  41. τῷ καὶ τεθνηῶτι νόον πόρε Περσεφόνεια, 

  42. When Hathor was bound in that box 

  43.                  afloat on the sea wave 

  44. Came Mava swimming with light hand lifted in overstroke 

  45. sea blossom wreathed in her locks, 

  46. “What are you box?” 

  47.                   “I am Hathor.” 

  48. Che mai da me non si parte il diletto

  49. Fulvida di folgore

  50. Came here with Glaucus unnoticed, nec ivi in harum

  51. Nec in harum ingressus sum. 

  52.                   Discuss this in bed said the lady 

  53. Euné kai philoteti ephata Kirkh 

  54. Εὐνῆ καὶ φιλότητι, ἔφατα Κίρκη

  55. es thalamon 

  56. Ἐς θάλαμόν

  57. Eurilochus, Macer, better there with good acorns

  58. Than with a crab for an eye, and 30 fathom of fishes 

  59. Green swish in the socket, 

  60.                 Under the portico Kirké:...... 

  61. “I think you must be Odysseus.... 

  62.                 feel better when you have eaten.... 

  63. Always with your mind on the past.... 

  64. Ad Orcum autem quisquam

  65.                 nondum nave nigra pervenit..... 

  66. Been to hell in a boat yet? 

  67. Sumus in fide

  68. Puellaeque canamus 

  69. sub nocte.... 

  70.                  there in the glade 

  71. To Flora’s night, with hyacinthus, 

  72. With the crocus (spring 

  73.                  sharp in the grass,) 

  74. Fifty and forty together 

  75.                   ERI MEN AI TE KUDONIAI

  76. Betuene Aprile and Merche 

  77.                   with sap new in the bough 

  78. With plum flowers above them 

  79.                  with almond on the black bough 

  80. With jasmine and olive leaf, 

  81. To the beat of the measure 

  82. From star up to the half-dark 

  83. From half-dark to half-dark 

  84.                  Unceasing the measure 

  85. Flank by flank on the headland 

  86.                  with the Goddess’ eyes to seaward 

  87. By Circeo, by Terracina, with the stone eyes 

  88.                  white toward the sea 

  89. With one measure, unceasing: 

  90.                   “Fac deum!” “Est factus.” 

  91. Ver novum! 

  92.                   ver novum! 

  93. Thus made the spring, 

  94. Can see but their eyes in the dark 

  95.                   not the bough that he walked on. 

  96. Beaten from flesh into light

  97. Hath swallowed the fire-ball 

  98. A traverso le foglie

  99. His rod hath made god in my belly 

  100.                   Sic loquitur nupta 

  101.                    Cantat sic nupta 

  102. Dark shoulders have stirred the lightning 

  103. A girl’s arms have nested the fire, 

  104. Not I but the handmaid kindled 

  105.                 Cantat sic nupta 

  106. I have eaten the flame.