1. And I have told you of how things were under Duke 

  2. Leopold in Siena 

  3. And of the true base of credit, that is 

  4. the abundance of nature

  5. with the whole folk behind it.

  6. ‘Goods that are needed’ said Schacht (anno sedici)

  7. commerciabili beni, deliverable things that are wanted.

  8. neschek is against this, the serpent

  9. And Vivante was there in his paradise, the mild air

  10. the fields rolling eastward, and the tower half ruin’d

  11. with a peasant complaining that her son was taken for war

  12. and he said ‘plutocracies were less violent’.

  13. Stinkschuld’s sin drawing vengeance, poor yitts paying for

  14. Stinkschuld

  15. paying for a few big jews’ vendetta on goyim

  16. I think wrote Miss Bell to her mama

  17. that when not against the interests of Empire

  18. we shd/ keep our pledges to Arabs.

  19. Thus we lived on through sanctions, through Stalin

  20. Litvinof, gold brokers made profit

  21. rocked the exchange against gold

  22. Before which entrefaites remarked Johnnie Adams (the elder)

  23. IGNORANCE, sheer ignorance ov the natr ov money

  24. sheer ignorance of credit and circulation.

  25. Remarked Ben: better keep out the jews

  26. or yr/ grand children will curse you

  27. jews, real jews, chazims, and neschek

  28. also super-neschek or the international racket

  29. specialité of the Stinkschuld

  30. bomb-proof under their house in Paris

  31. where they cd/ store aht voiks

  32. fat slug with three body-guards

  33. soiling our sea front with a pot bellied yacht in the offing,

  34. governments full of their gun-swine, bankbuzzards, poppinjays.

  35. Did commit, that he did in the Kingdom of Italy ...

  36. of the two usuries, the lesser is now put down.

  37. (“Pericles,” near the beginning.)

  38. that he did in the Kingdom of Britain etc/

  39. Between KUNG and ELEUSIS

  40. Or under the Golden Roof, la Dorata

  41. her baldacchino

  42. Riccio on his horse rides still to Montepulciano

  43. the groggy church is gone toothless

  44. No longer holds against neschek

  45. the fat has covered their croziers

  46. The high fans and the mitre mean nothing

  47. Once only in Burgos, once in Cortona

  48. was the song firm and well given

  49. old buffers keeping the stiffness,

  50. Gregory damned, always was damned, obscurantist.

  51. Know then:

  52. Toward summer when the sun is in Hyades

  53. Sovran is Lord of the Fire

  54. to this month are birds.

  55. with bitter smell and with the odour of burning

  56. To the hearth god, lungs of the victim

  57. The green frog lifts up his voice

  58. and the white latex is in flower

  59. In red car with jewels incarnadine

  60. to welcome the summer

  61. In this month no destruction

  62. no tree shall be cut at this time

  63. Wild beasts are driven from field

  64. in this month are simples gathered.

  65. The empress offers cocoons to the Son of Heaven

  66. Then goes the sun into Gemini

  67. Virgo in mid heaven at sunset

  68. indigo must not be cut

  69. No wood burnt into charcoal

  70. gates are all open, no tax on the booths.

  71. Now mares go to grazing,

  72. tie up the stallions

  73. Post up the horsebreeding notices

  74. Month of the longest days

  75. Life and death are now equal 

  76. Strife is between light and darkness 

  77. Wise man stays in his house 

  78. Stag droppeth antlers

  79. Grasshopper is loud,

  80. leave no fire open to southward.

  81. Now the sun enters Hydra, this is the third moon of summer

  82. Antares of Scorpio stands mid heaven at sunset

  83. Andromeda is with sunrise

  84. Lord of the fire is dominant

  85. To this month is SEVEN,

  86. with bitter smell, with odour of burning

  87. Offer to gods of the hearth

  88. the lungs of the victims

  89. Warm wind is rising, cricket bideth in wall

  90. Young goshawk is learning his labour

  91. dead grass breedeth glow-worms.

  92. In Ming T’ang HE bideth

  93. in the west wing of that house

  94. Red car and the sorrel horses

  95. his banner incarnadine.

  96. The fish ward now goes against crocodiles

  97. To take all great lizards, turtles, for divination,

  98. sea terrapin.

  99. The lake warden to gather rushes

  100. to take grain for the manes

  101. to take grain for the beasts you will sacrifice

  102. to the Lords of the Mountains

  103. To the Lords of great rivers

  104. Inspector of dye-works, inspector of colour and broideries

  105. see that the white, black, green be in order

  106. let no false colour exist here

  107. black, yellow, green be of quality

  108. This month are trees in full sap

  109. Rain has now drenched all the earth

  110. dead weeds enrich it, as if boil’d in a bouillon.

  111. Sweet savour, the heart of the victim

  112. yellow flag over Emperor’s chariot

  113. yellow stones in his girdle.

  114. Sagittarius in mid-course at sunset

  115. cold wind is beginning. Dew whitens.

  116. Now is cicada’s time,

  117. the sparrow hawk offers birds to the spirits.

  118. Emperor goes out in war car, he is drawn by white horses,

  119. white banner, white stones in his girdle

  120. eats dog and the dish is deep.

  121. This month is the reign of Autumn

  122. Heaven is active in metals, now gather millet

  123. and finish the flood-walls

  124. Orion at sunrise.

  125. Horses now with black manes.

  126. Eat dog meat. This is the month of ramparts.

  127. Beans are the tribute, September is end of thunder

  128. The hibernants go into their caves.

  129. Tolls lowered, now sparrows, they say, turn into oysters

  130. The wolf now offers his sacrifice.

  131. Men hunt with five weapons,

  132. They cut wood for charcoal.

  133. New rice with your dog meat.

  134. First month of winter is now

  135. sun is in Scorpio’s tail

  136. at sunrise in Hydra, ice starting

  137. The pheasant plunges into Houai (great water)

  138. and turns to an oyster

  139. Rainbow is hidden awhile.

  140. Heaven’s Son feeds on roast pork and millet,

  141. Steel gray are stallion.

  142. This month winter ruleth.

  143. The sun is in archer’s shoulder

  144. in crow’s head at sunrise

  145. Ice thickens. Earth cracks. And the tigers now move to mating.

  146. Cut trees at solstice, and arrow shafts of bamboo.

  147. Third month, wild geese go north,

  148. magpie starts building,

  149. Pheasant lifteth his voice to the Spirit of Mountains

  150. The fishing season is open,

  151. rivers and lakes frozen deep

  152. Put now ice in your ice-house,

  153. the great concert of winds

  154. Call things by the names. Good sovereign by distribution

  155. Evil king is known by his imposts.

  156. Begin where you are said Lord Palmerston

  157. began draining swamps in Sligo

  158. Fought smoke nuisance in London. Dredged harbour in Sligo.

  159. delated lines 1