corso duomo modena particolare 

“Quo terrore permoti non tantum ordo clericorum, sed et universus quoque eiusdem ecclesie populus inter se vicissim conferre ceperunt, quid consulendum, quidve sit inde agendum. Tandem, divina disponente providentia unito consilio non modo clericorum (quia tunc temporis prefata quidem ecclesia sine pastorali cura agenbantur), sed et civium, universarumque plebium prelatorum, seu etiam cunctorum eiusdem ecclesie militum, una vox eademque voluntas, unus clamor idemque amor, totius turbe personuit: iam renovari, iam rehedificari, iam sublimari debere tanti talisque patris nostri ecclesiam.” (Relatio in Muratori)


Stirred up by this shock, not only the body of the clergymen, but indeed also the whole congregation of the same church began to discuss amongst themselves in turn what should be taken into consideration and what should be done then. Finally, under the guidance of divine providence and by unanimous decision of not only the clergy (because at that time church announcements were made without pastoral rule) but also of the citizens, of the representatives of the entire populace, and even of all the soldiers of that church, there resounded one voice and the same will, one cheer and equal wish of the entire crowd: that the church of our Great and Good Father should be immediately renovated, immediately rebuilt, immediately raised on high.

Translated by Peter Liebregts



“Relatio translationis corporis Santi Geminiani episcopi mutinensis.” In Lodovico Antonio Muratori, ed. Rerum italicum scriptores. Vol. 6. Part I. 85-96. Free online.


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