Benozzo Gozzoli Pletone Cappella dei Magi medici ricardi

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Roxana Preda created the design of the critical apparatus and wrote the general annotation.

The names of contributors are initialled within the glosses they formulated or edited. They are also listed below.


Massimo Bacigalupo – general scientific coordination Cantos IV, VIII, IX, XII-XV, XVII, XX, XXII, XXVI, XXVII, XXIX. Sources XXX, XXXV, XXXVI, XLI, LII.

Walter Baumann – general scientific coordination Ur-Canto I;  I,  III, VII, XXVI.

John Beall – Canto XVI, XXXVI

Eloisa Bressan – Provençal, Italian and Latin sources to: Three Cantos II, Canto II, Canto IV, V, IX, XX, XXIII, XXVI.



Konstantinos Doxiadis – Cantos XXIX, XXX.



Courtney Ruffner Grieneisen – Cantos XVII, XXXIX

Jeff Grieneisen – Cantos XVIII, XL



Kenneth Haynes – Three Cantos III; Canto I.

Mihail George Hâncu – Canto XVI.

Archie Henderson – Cantos XLV, XLIX, LII. Table of Chinese characters.



Peter Liebregts – Scientific coordination, glosses, sources - Three Cantos, Canto I, II, IV-V, VII, X, XXIII, XXVI, XXVII, XXIX, XXXV, XXXIX, XL, LI

Wenting Li – Table of Chinese characters in Resources.



Peter Makin – general scientific coordination: Cantos VI-XV.

Nicolò Maldina – Canto XI.

Alec Marsh – Cantos XVIII, XIX, XXII.



Orla Polten – Three Cantos (glosses on classical references); Canto I Sources. 



Claudio Sansone – Cantos XIII, XXIII.

Richard Sawyer – Cantos XX, XXI, XXIX, XXXIV, XXXIX, XLVI, XLVII, LI, LII.

Kent Su – Canto XLIX.

Leon Surette – general scientific coordination Ur-Canto I, Canto II, XVII, XXII, XXIII, XXV, XXXIX, XLVI.



Alistair Wilson – Canto XXVII.


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