1. THOU SHALT NOT,” said Martin Van Buren, “jail ’em for debt

  2. “that an immigrant  shd. set out with good banknotes

  3. and find ’em at the end of his voyage

  4. but waste paper.... if a man have in primeval forest

  5. set up his cabin, shall rich patroon take it from him?

  6. High judges? Are, I suppose, subject to passions

  7. as have affected other great and good men, also

  8. subject to esprit de corps.

  9. The Calhouns” remarked Mr Adams

  10. “Have flocked to the standard of feminine virtue”

  11. Peggy Eaton’s own story” (Headline 1932)

  12. Shall we call in the world to conduct our

  13. municipal government?

  14. Ambrose (Mr.) Spencer, Mr Van Renselaer

  15. were against extension of franchise.

  16. “Who work in factories and are employed by the wealthy

  17. (State Convention 1821) dixit Spencer:

  18. “Man who feeds, clothes, lodges another

  19. has absolute control over his will.”

  20. Kent said they wd. “deplore in sackcloth and ashes

  21. if they preserved not a senate

  22. to represent landed interest, and did they

  23. jeopard property rights?” To whom Mr Somebody Tompkins:

  24. “Filled your armies

  25. “while the priests were preaching sedition

  26. “and men of wealth decrying government credit.”

  27. “ order to feed on the spoils.”

  28. Two words, said Mr Van Buren, came in with our revolution

  29. and, as a matter of fact, why are we sent here?

  30. “as for you Mr Chief Justice Spencer

  31. “if they vote as they are bid by their employers

  32. they will vote for the property which you so wish to protect.”

  33. ..... when a turnpike depends upon congress

  34. local supervision is lost ...

  35. not surrender our conduct to foreign associations ...

  36. working classes

  37.          who mostly

  38. have no control over paper, and

  39. derive no profit from bank stock....

  40. merchants will not confess over trading

  41.         nor speculators the disposition to speculate ...

  42. revenue for wants of the government

  43.         to be kept under public control.... do they pour

  44. national revenue

  45.      into banks of deposit

  46. in seasons of speculation?

  47. .. diminish government patronage ... sailor

  48. not to be lashed save by court                   

  49. to actual settler (as against Mr Clay)

  50. And when her father went broke, Mr Eaton .. gave rise to

  51. Washington gossip.... loose morals of Mr Jefferson,

  52. Servility of Martin Van Buren, said Adams (J. Quincy)

  53. when everyone else is uncivil.

  54. “No where so well deposited as in the pants of the people,

  55. Wealth ain’t,” said President Jackson.

  56. They give the union five years ...

  57. Bank did not produce uniform currency ..

  58. they wd. import grain rather than grow it ...

  59. Bank of England failed to prevent uses of credit ...

  60. “In Banking corporations” said Mr Webster “the

  61. “interests of the rich and the poor are happily blended.”

  62. Said Van Buren to Mr Clay: “If you will give me

  63. “A pinch of your excellent Maccoboy snuff ...”

  64. In Europe often by private houses, without assistance of banks

  65. Relief is got not by increase

  66.     but by diminution of debt.

  67. ....... as Justice Marshall, has gone out of his case ...

  68. Tip an’ Tyler

  69. We’ll bust Van’s biler......

  70. brought in the vice of luxuria sed aureis furculis,

  71. which forks were

  72. bought back in the time of President Monroe

  73. by Mr Lee our consul in Bordeaux.

  74. “The man is a dough-face, a profligate,”

  75. won’t say he agrees with his party.

  76. Authorized its (the bank’s) president to use funds at

  77. discretion (its funds, his discretion) to

  78. influence press ...

  79. veto power, with marked discretion, used no further than

  80. in objecting to bank under charter existing.

  81. “Friendly feeling toward our bank in

  82. “the mind of the President (Jackson

  83. whose autograph was sent to the Princess Victoria)

  84.        wrote Biddle to Lennox Dec. 1829

  85. “Counter rumours without foundation, I had

  86. “a full and frank talk with the President who was

  87. “most kind about its (the bank’s) services to the country”

  88.     Biddle to Hamilton in November.

  89. “To which end, largely increased line of discounts

  90. 1830, October, 40 million

  91. May, 1837 seventy millions and then some.

  92. Remembered this in Sorrento” in the vicinage of Vesuvius

  93. near exhumed Herculaneum ...

  94. “30 million” said Mr Dan Webster “in states on the Mississippi

  95. “will all have to be called in, in three

  96. “years and nine months, if the charter be not extended ..

  97. I hesertate nawt tew say et will dee-precierate

  98. “everyman’s prorperty from the etcetera

  99. “to the kepertal ov Missouri, affect the price of

  100. “crawps, leynd en the prordewce ov labour, to the

  101. embararsement......”

  102. de mortuis wrote Mr Van Buren

  103. don’t quite apply in a case of this character.

  104. 4 to 5 million balance in the national treasury

  105. Receipts 31 to 32 million

  106. Revenue 32 to 33 million

  107. The Bank 341 million, and in deposits

  108. 6 millions of government money

  109. (and a majority in the Senate)

  110. Public Money in control of the President

  111. from 15 to 20 thousand (id est, a fund for the secret service)

  112. employing means at the bank’s disposal

  113. in deranging the country’s credits, obtaining by panic

  114. control over public mind” said Van Buren

  115. “from the real committee of Bank’s directors

  116. the government’s directors have been excluded.

  117. Bank president controlling government’s funds

  118. to the betrayal of the nation....

  119. government funds obstructing the government ...

  120. and has sequestered the said funds of the government ...

  121. (with chapter, date, verse and citation)

  122. acting in illegal secret

  123. pouring oil on the press

  124. giving nominal loans on inexistent security”

  125.       in the eighteen hundred and thirties

  126. “on precedent that Mr Hamilton has

  127. never hesitated to jeopard the general

  128. for advance of particular interests.”

  129. Bank curtailed

  130. 17 million on a line of

  131. 64 million credits.

  132. “Had not Mr Taney (of the treasury) prevented

  133. that branch (in New York) from then collecting

  134. 8 million 700 thousand and armed our city with

  135. 9 million to defend us (the whole country)

  136. in this war on its trade and commerce,

  137.     Cambreling, Globe Extra 1834

  138. Peggy Eaton’s Own Story. And if Marietta

  139. Had not put on her grandmother’s dress

  140. She might have lasted, a mystery. If Dolores

  141. Had not put on a hat shaped like a wig

  142. She might have remained an exotic.

  143. Placuit oculis, and did not mind strong cigars.

  144. Irritable and unstable,

  145. Is formed, is destroyed,

  146. Recomposes to be once more decomposed

  147.                         (thus, descending to plant life)

  148. Sorrento, June 21st. Villa Falangola

  149. In the vicinage of Vesuvius, in the mirror of memory

  150. Mr Van Buren:

  151.       Judge Yeats, whom I remember etc ...

  152. Warded off scrutiny of his mental capacities

  153. By a dignified and prudent reserve which

  154. .. long practice had made second nature ...

  155. Alex Hamilton had been blackmailed but

  156. preferred, in the end, private scandal to shade on his

  157. public career.

  158. Marshall, said Roane, undermined the U.S. Constitution.

  159. No man before Tom Jefferson in my house

  160. Said one of the wool-buyers:

  161.     “Able speech by Van Buren

  162. “Yes, very able.”

  163. “Ye-es, Mr Knower, an’ on wich side ov the tariff was it?

  164. “Point I was in the act of considering”

  165.    replied Mr Knower

  166. In the mirror of memory: have been told I rendered

  167. the truth a great service by that speech on the tariff

  168. but directness on all points wd. seem not

  169. to have been its conspicuous feature.

  170. I thanked him

  171. (James Jones, brother in law of Mr Clinton)

  172. for his kind offer but

  173. said my fortunes were too low in ebb

  174. for me at that moment to compromise.

  175. Lacked not who said that John Adams

  176. disliked not so much the idea of a monarch

  177. as preferred Braintree House over Hanover ...

  178. and his son, seeking light from the stars

  179. deplored that representatives be paralyzed

  180. by the will of constituents.

  181. “I publicly answered more questions

  182. than all other presidents put together”

  183.      signed Martin Van Buren.

  184. “Mr Webster in debt to the bank”

  185.     Damned yellow rascal, said Clay

  186. “Unnecessary, therefore injurious...

  187. interference on the part of the government.

  188. And they and their gang in congress

  189.     debated three months without introducing

  190. one solitary proposition to reverse Taney’s decision

  191. or in any way to relieve any distress.