1. And if the money be rented

  2. Who shd pay rent on that money?
  3. Some fellow who has it on rent day,
  4. or some bloke who has not?
  5. Died Mahomet VIth Yahid Eddin Han
  6. ‘by profession ex-sultan’
  7. 65 years of age in San Remo (1926)
  8. begotten of Abdul Mejid. At beatification
  9. 80 loud speakers were used. Subsequent to the
  10. Turkish war Mr Kolschitzky
  11. received for his services as a spy
  12. five score sacks of coffee (de Banchiis cambi tenendi)
  13. thus initiating the coffee-house facts of Vienna
  14. sixteen hundred, I think, and whenever; Von Unruh
  15. is rather good at imitating the sergeant
  16. who jammed down the cadavers; there were cadavers
  17. and the pit was not large enough to hold all the kadavers
  18. so the sergeant jammed ‘em down with his boots
  19. to get the place smooth for the Kaiser.
  20. Herr Von Unruh is rather good at miming that sergeant
  21. vide Verdun; and what he wrote down; at Verdun.
  22. Said Mr Charles Francis Adams
  23. there was no good conversation. At no single entertainment
  24. in London did I find any good conversation
  25. They take Browning for an American,
  26. he is unenglish in his opinions and carriage.
  27. Was put in the cellarage
  28. Van Buren having written it down
  29. ‘deface and obliterate’ wrote J. Adams
  30. become fathers of the next generation’ wrote Marx
  31. .. tuberculosis ... Bismarck
  32. blamed american civil war on the jews;
  33. particularly on the Rothschild
  34. one of whom remarked to Disraeli
  35. that nations were fools to pay rent for their credit
  36. Δίγονος
  37. DIGONOS; lost in the forest; but are then known as leopards
  38. after three years in the forest; they are known as ‘twice-born’.
  39. I am sorry, Your Highness         Cawdor, Sept 23
  40. To have been so long in returning the
  41. pedigree of yr cairn puppy
  42. but when I wrote to the man you bought him from
  43. I received a reply from his wife (or daughter)
  44. saying he had just gone on a holiday
  45. and that he wd write me when he returned.
  46. I find Dhu Achil (sire) has been registered
  47. at the Kennel Club, but the dam is unregistered.
  48. Dhu Achil has won a fair number of prizes at Scottish Shows
  49. and there are some other good dogs in the pedigree
  50. (three senators; four bottles of whiskey)
  51. so the puppy seems quite well bred    (and at)
  52. For the sake of convenience I will write particulars
  53. (four o’clock in the morning Mr Rhumby)
  54. on a separate sheet of paper
  55. (waz Sekkertary) The little dog is doing
  56. (Ov State) very well at Mr McLocherty’s and is quite happy.
  57. They are very fond of him and he is a most affectionate dog
  58. Yours respectfully
  59. Galileo; pronounced ‘Garry Yeo’
  60. err’ un’ imbecille; ed ha imbecillito
  61. (voice under my window) il mondo
  62. No trustee of the Salem Museum, who had not doubled
  63. both Good Hope and The Horn.
  64. Sea as if risen over the headland
  65. and there are twin seas in the cloud
  66. 12% interest in Bithynia;

  67. for home Romans interest 6. No man theign
  68. said Athelstan who has not made three voyages
  69. going hence off this land into other lands as a merchant
  70. A little more stock’ said the president over the telephone
  71. To the printer ‘we sold all that what you printed us’
  72. So the bond salesman went abroad.
  73. They say, that is the Norse engineer told me, that out past Hawaii
  74. they spread threads from gun’ale to gun’ale
  75. in a certain fashion
  76. and plot a course of 3000 sea miles
  77. lying under the web, watching the stars
  78. while she bought 2 prs of shoes
  79. 2 veils; 2 parasols; an orchid (artificial)
  80. for which I was presented with a new kind of net gloves
  81. made like fishnet; so the day was not wholly wasted
  82. The priest here
  83. had una nuova messa
  84. (dodicesimo anno E.F.)
  85. bella festa, because there was a priest here to say his
  86. first mass
  87. and all the mountains were full of fires, and
  88. we went around through the village
  89. in giro per il paese
  90. 2 men and 2 horses
  91. and then the music and on the sides
  92. children carrying torches and the
  93. carrozze with the priests, and the one that had to say
  94. the new mass, and the carrozze were full of fine flowers
  95. and there were a lot of people. I liked it,
  96. all the houses were full of lights and
  97. tree branches in the windows
  98. covered with hand-made flowers and
  99. the next day they had mass and a procession
  100. Please may I go back there
  101. and have a new pair of Sunday shoes?’
  102. Velvet, yellow, unwinged
  103. clambers, a ball, into its orchis
  104. and the stair there still broken

  105. the flat stones of the road, Mt Segur.
  106. From Val Cabrere, were two miles of roofs to San Bertrand
  107. so that a cat need not set foot in the road
  108. where now is an inn, and bare rafters,
  109. where they scratch six feet deep to reach pavement
  110. where now is wheat field, and a milestone
  111. an altar to Terminus, with arms crossed
  112. back of the stone
  113. Where sun cuts light against evening;
  114. where light shaves grass into emerald
  115. Savairic; hither Gaubertz;
  116. Said they wd. not be under Paris

  117. Falling Mars in the air

  118. bough to bough, to the stone bench
  119. where was an ox in smith’s sling hoisted for shoeing
  120. where was spire-top a-level the grass yard

  121. Then the towers, high over chateau---
  122. Fell with stroke after stroke, jet avenger
  123. bent, rolled, severed and then swallowed limb after limb
  124. Hauled off the butt of that carcass, 20 feet up a tree trunk,
  125. Here three ants have killed a great worm. There
  126. Mars in the air, fell, flew.
  127. Employed, past tense; at the Lido, Venezia
  128. an old man with a basket of stones,
  129. that was, said the elderly lady, when the beach costumes
  130. were longer,
  131. and if the wind was, the old man placed a stone. 

A Draft of XXX Cantos

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