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    I. Pound and the Eight Views of Xiao Xiang

    (1) Pound’s Aesthetic Morphology before Cathay

    (2) Daoist Aesthetics and the Flexibility of Syntax

    (3) The Formation of “Chinese” Syntax in Pound

    (4) “Canto 49”: The Legendary Travel and Change of the Eight Views of Xiao Xiang 

    II. Yunshan Yanshui Paintings and the Travel of Eight Views of Xiao Xiang in Japan

    (1) Su Dongpo (1036-1101 蘇東坡) and Yunshan Yanshui Paintings

    (2) Cultural Memories of Xiao Xiang and Allegorical Uses of Landscape

    (3) Yunshan Yanshui and the Edge-dissolving Great Wu 

    (4) The Meaning of Pound’s “Canto 49” in His Cantos



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