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“Pound consciously intends Canto 71 to be distinct from the others. The chronological gap of thirteen years between the end of Canto 70 and the beginning of Canto 71, both drawn from the same type of source, and the emphasis in this canto and no other on the period of Adams’ retirement from public life, point up the concluding and valedictory aspects of this final Adams canto – which in effect offers yet another perspective, the retrospective.”

Carol H. Cantrell and Ward Swinson. “Cantos LII-LXXI: Pound’s Textbook for Princes.” Paideuma 18.1 (1989): 83



CANTO XXXI – [Adams and Jefferson in Paris]

CANTO XXXII – [the revolution was in the minds of the people]

CANTO XXXIII – Adams’s political principles


The Fifth Decad

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confucius adams 2

The Italian Cantos LXXII-LXXIII


A Draft of XXX Cantos

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Eleven New Cantos

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