Declaration of Independence 1819 by John Trumbull

“Ironically, Pound’s very distance from the United States allowed him to shift his attention from the accidental to the essential. In the Adams cantos, the material Pound selects focuses the reader’s attention on Adams’ keeping the newly formed United States out of European wars, in particular, out of a war Hamilton tried to foment with France. […]

for my part thought that Americans
Had been embroiled in European wars long enough
                                                                        easy to see that
France and England wd/ try to embroil us OBvious
that all powers of Europe will be continually at manoeuvre
to work us into their real or imaginary balances”
                        of power    (LXV /377)

Carol H. Cantrell and Ward Swinson “Cantos LII–LXXI” Paideuma 18.1-2 (1989): 71.



CANTO XXXI – [Adams and Jefferson in Paris]

CANTO XXXII – [the revolution was in the minds of the people]

CANTO XXXIII – Adams’s political principles



The Fifth Decad

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A Draft of XXX Cantos

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Eleven New Cantos

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