1. Towards sending of Ellsworth
  2. and the pardon of Fries
  3. 25 years in office, treaties put thru and loans raised
  4. and General Pinckney, a man of honour
  5. declined to participate
  6. or even to give suspicion of having colluded
  7. deficiency in early moral foundations (Mr Hamilton’s)
  8. they effect here and there simple manners
  9. true religion, morals, here flourish
  10. i.e. Washington 4th March 1801
  11. toward the newly created fount of supply (Mr Jefferson)
  12. in ardour of hostility to Mr Jefferson
  13. to overlook a good deed
  14. If Pickering cd/ mount on
  15. wd/ vote for J. Adams
  16. whose integrity not his enemies had disputed
  17. ... rights
  18. diffusing knowledge of principles
  19. maintaining justice, in registering treaty of peace
  20. changed with the times, and not
  21. forgetting what had suffered
  22. by the sedition laws
  23. Obt. svt. Chas Holt

  24. Honoured father
  25. (signed John Quincy Adams (in full)
  26. 1825 (when elected)
  27. Scott’s fictions and even the vigorous and exaggerated

  28. poetry of Ld/ Byron
  29. when they wd/ not read him anything else
  30. property EQUAL’D land in J. A.’s disposition
  31. From Fancy’s dreams to active Virtue turn
  32. The cats thought him (Franklin) almost a catholic
  33. The Church of England laid claim to him as one of ’em
  34. Presbyters thought him half presbyterian
  35. friends, sectaries,
  36. Eripuit caelo fulmen
  37. and all that to ditch a poor man fresh from the country
  38. Vol Two (as the protagonist saw it:)
  39. No books, no time, no friends
  40. Not a new idea all this week
  41. even bagpipe not disagreeable
  42. for amusement reading her (Mrs Savil) the Ars Amandi
  43. 1758, around half after three, went to the Court House
  44. With Saml Quincy and Dr Gordon....
  45. And saw the most spacious room and
  46. finest line
  47. of ladies I ever did see, Gridley
  48. enquired my method of study
  49. and gave me Reeve’s advice to his nephew
  50. read a letter he wrote to Judge Leighton: follow the study
  51. rather than gain of the law, but the gain
  52. enough to keep out of the briars, So that I
  53. believe no lawyer ever did so much business
  54. for so little profit as I during the 17 years that I practised/
  55. you must conquer the INSTITUTES
  56. and I began with Coke upon Littleton
  57. greek mere matter of curiosity (in the law)
  58. to ask Mr Thatcher’s concurrence
  59. whole evening on original sin and the
  60. plan of the universe
  61. and lastly on law, he thinks that the country is full
  62. Van Myden editio terza design of the book is
  63. exposition 

    cheng 1

  64. of technical terms
  65. as of Hawkins’ Pleas of the Crown. Bracton,

  66. Britten, Fleta on Glanville, must dig with my fingers
  67. as nobody will lend me or sell me a pick axe.
  68. Exercises my lungs, revives my spirits opens my pores
  69. reading Tully on Cataline quickens my circulation
  70. Ruggles grandeur in boldness of thought honour contempt
  71. of meanness
  72. was practising law and running a tavern in Sandwich
  73. died Novascotia 1788 and a tory.
  74. Read one book an hour
  75. then dine, smoke, cut wood
  76. in quella parte
  77. dove sta memora, Colonel Chandler not conscious
  78. these crude thoughts and expressions
  79. are catched up and treasured as proof of his character.
  80. Not finding them (Rhine grapes slips) in that city 
  81. sends to a village 70 miles away 
  82. and then sends two packets
  83. one by water and lest that miscarry, the other by post 
  84. to Mr Quincy to whom he owes nothing
  85. and with whom he is but little acquainted 
  86. purely for the purpose of
  87. propagating Rhine wine in these provinces
  88. (one up to Franklin) I
  89. read Timon of Athens, the manhater
  90. must be (IRA must be) aroused ere the mind be
  91. at its best
  92. la qual manda fuoco
  93. dirty and ridiculous litigations been multiplied
  94. proverb; as litigious as Braintree
  95. fraud and system of bigotry
  96. on which papal usurpations are founded, monument of priestly ambition
  97. guile wrought into system
  98. ‘Our constitution’ ‘every man his own monarch’
  99. all these boasting speeches have heard (1760)
  100. and never failed to raise a hoarse laugh
  101. An inferior officer in Salem
  102. whose name was Cockle petitioned
  103. the justices for a Writ of Assistance
  104. to break open ships, shops, cellars and houses
  105. Mr Sewall expressed doubt of legality,
  106. Oxenbridge Thayer with Otis,
  107. a contest appeared to be opened.