Ezra Pound and Dorothy Pound. Canto LI. In Shakespear’s Pound: Illuminated Cantos. Ed. David A Lewis.

Nacogdoches, TX: LaNana Creek Press, [Brookfield: Ashgate Publishing], 1999.

Photo reproduction courtesy of Walter Baumann and Archie Henderson.


Editor’s Note: “The design of background figures on steps and the letters “hines” exist in the original sketch for canto 51, but the capital ‘S’ had to be inserted; it was adapted from the Delphian type which matched pre-existing letters fairly closely” (David A. Lewis, “Notes on the Text & Designs”).

Note: Dorothy’s design for the ‘S’ exists - see it on the References page to canto 51 (Roxana Preda, 1 September 2020).


A Draft of XXX Cantos

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