1. To the serenissimo Dno (pronounced Domino)
  2. and his most serene aftercomers
  3. things, persons et omnia alia juva
  4. whatever
  5. and the cash in the Pawn Shop 
  6. (Mount of Pity)
  7. eiusdem civitatis Senén.
  8. there being in the third place
  9. 2 thousand 310 there to the credit of
  10. The Magnificent Magistrates and Lords Officers
  11. and 3756 in the same Mount
  12. described as to credit of citizens
  13. and in common called money of Genova
  14. and Most Serene M Dux
  15. and serenest (feminine) tutrices
  16. by the said Masters Deputies of the Bailey
  17. as to the best mode and obligations and cautions
  18. most ample dee-liberation
  19. prayer, supplication as herewith and herefollowing
  20. videlicet alligati
  21. In the Name of Omnipotent God 
  22. and the Glorious Virgin our Advocate 
  23. to the Gd Duke’s honour and exaltation 
  24. the Most Serene, Tuscanissimo Nostro Signore 
  25. in the Lord’s year 1622 
  26. Saturday fourth day of March 
  27. at? VIth (hour? after sunrise or whatever)
  28. called together assembled in general
  29. council of the People of the City of Siena magnificent
  30. Symbolic good of the Commune
  31. and fatherland dilettissimo
  32. having chief place and desire that the
  33. citizens get satisfaction (siano soddisfatti) contentment
  34. and be fully persuaded of
  35. what for the common good is here being dealt with
  36. as we have already been for ten years projecting this MONTE
  37. for gt. future benefit to the city
  38. Worthy will to the chosen end.
  39. Ob pecuniae scarsitatem
  40. S. P. SENENsis ac pro eo amplissim
  41. Balia Collegium civices vigilantiae
  42. totius civitatis
  43. Urban VIIIth of Siena, Ferd. I mag duce do no
  44. felicitatem dominante et Ferd. I
  45. Roman Emperor as elected.
  46. 1251 of the Protocols marked also
  47. X, I, I, F, and four arabic
  49. because there was shortage of coin, in November
  50. because of taxes, exchanges, tax layings and usuries
  51. legitimate consumption impeded
  52. ten thousand on the office of pasturage

  53. to the end:
  54. four fat oxen
  55. having their arses wiped
  56. and in general being tidied up to serve god under my window
  57. with stoles of Imperial purple
  58. with tassels, and grooms before the carroccio
  59. on which carroch six lion heads
  60. to receive the wax offering
  61. Thus arrive the gold eagles, the banners of the contrade,
  62. and boxes of candles
  63. ‘Mn-YAWWH!!!’
  64. Said the left front ox, suddenly,
  65. ‘pnAWH!’ as they tied on his red front band,
  66. St George, two hokey-pokey stands and the unicorn
  67. Nicchio! Nicch-iO-né!!’
  68. The kallipygous Sienese females
  69. get that way from the salite
  70. that is from continual plugging up hill
  71. One box marked ‘200 LIRE’
  72. laudate pueri
  73. alias serve God with candles
  74. with the palio and 17 banners
  75. and when six men had hoisted up the big candle
  76. a bit askew in the carroch and the fore ox had
  77. been finally arse-wiped
  78. they set off toward the Duomo, time
  79. consumed 1 hour and 17 minutes.
  80. on the security
  81. mobile and immobile
  82. of individual citizens
  83. in the city or wheresoever REE-
  84. sponsibility quocunque aliunde
  85. and this obligatio, obligation shd/be divided
  86. by portion of immobile goods
  87. thus deliberated in full meeting
  88. in the name of the OMNIPOTENT, and of the glorious Virgin
  89. Ma (meaning Maria) our Advocate
  90. year of salvation 1622 on a Saturday
  91. as was the 4th day of March
  92. having already ten years ago started proposing
  93. representatives of the whole people
  94. and below written notaries public
  95. two hundred thousand
  96. (scudi)
  97. Maister Augustino Chisio equites
  98. anointed of the order of Stephen (pope, holy)
  99. ducatorum? no.      ducentorum
  100. a return of 10,000 scudi
  101. in the parish of San Giovanni (Joannis) 
  102. To be or not to be tied up with the Pawn Shop 
  103. and his successors in the Great Duchy 
  104. guarantee of the income from grazing 
  105. up to (illegible) said to mean, no ... 
  106. libris septem, the sum of, summam, scutorum
  107. ten thousand 
  108. On security mobile and immobile 
  109. REE- 
  110. sponsibility 

  111. Out of Syracuse
  112. not having money aboard
  113. to Athens at creditors’ risk
  114. cut the sails, dumped oil at an island
  115. but the S.O. man
  116. wouldnt swallow it.
  117. Up to the quantity of 200,000
  118. on the whole people’s credit
  119. for public and private utility
  120. shares to be called Loca Montis
  121. which is to say sites on the Mountain
  122. @ 100 scudi to give 5 scudi a year
  123. as long as the MOUNT endure
  124. there first was the fruit of nature
  125. there was the whole will of the people
  126. serene M. Dux and His tutrices
  127. and lords deputies of the Bailey, in name of Omnipotent God
  128. best mode etcetera, and the Glorious Virgin
  129. convoked and gathered together 1622
  130. general council there were 117 councillors
  131. in the hall of World Map, with bells and with
  132. voice of the Cryer (Il Banditore)
  133. shares of Mount to yield five scudi on each hundred
  134. per annum, and to be separate from the PITY
  135. with its own magistrates, its own ministers
  136. Illus Balia eseguisca in tutto
  137. Rescript of TTheir HHighnesses

  138. ACTUM SENIS in Parochia S. Giovannis
  139. blank leaves at end up to the index
  140. hoc die decim’ octavo, from the Incarnation
  141. year 1623. Celso had a wheat scheme
  142. July to December, July to November
  143. Grass nowhere out of place.
  144. pine cuts the sky into three
  145. Thus BANK of the grassland was raised into Seignory
  146. stati fatti Signoria, being present Paris Bolgarini
  147. credit of the Commune of Siena
  148. 12 of the Bailey present ... went into committee
  149. I cancellarius wrote to His Highness
  150. A New Mount that shall receive from all sorts of persons
  151. from Luoghi public and private, privileged and non-privileged
  152. a base, a fondo, a deep, a sure and a certain
  153. the City having  entrate
  154. the customs and public income
  155. M

    150 to ——  scudi


  156. to guarantee which
  157. wd/suffice 8 to 10 thousand yearly
  158. on the gabelle and/or on the dogana
  159. Tuesday 3 Jan to Wed. 6 Epifany 1622
  160. a New Monte requested to bear @ 5% annual

  161. 1622 January, assigned on the Paschi
  162. Offo de Paschi
  163. March 1622 Donna Orsola of wherever removed from the book
  164. of the Sienese public women (motion approved by the Bailey)
  165. March 24 again appeared black money from Florence
  166. Monte de Firenze, vacabile, 1591,
  167. payable every two months had been 8 and ½
  168. gangsters admitted.

  169. 1621 to provide WORK for the populace.
  170. register, rescript
  171. O—
  172. razio della Rena to be recognized 
  173. as illegitimate father of the bastards of Pietro de Medici
  174. at 100 scudi per annum
  175. if you follow me, not as the
  176. legitimate father of Pietro’s illegitimate offspring

  177. Orbem bellis, urbem gabellis, Urbanus octavus
  178. implevit.

  179. June 21st Friday or thereabouts 1624
  180. agreed to magistrate’s order that
  181. Mrs Margurita de Pecora Gallo
  182. be removed from the register of the town whores
  183. of Siena, on charge of thievery
  184. Friday the first day of July
  185. Merchants spoke to the Bailey, action on Monte Nuovo
  186. delayed
  187. Jan. 1622 the Duke answered, and already spoke of the
  188. grass land
  189. 16 July, Monte Nuovo, committee to arrange it.
  190. New Mount approved by their Highnesses
  191. Xbre Monte Paschale, fatto Signoria      notice served to the
  192. Magistrates for Conservations and to the Magistracy of
  193. the Grazing
  194. May 1626 more stew about the black money (lead money)
  195. rescript:
  196. that in the said place
  197. be not put for the Lord Count nor his successors
  198. any surety for bandits and criminals
  199. but only for civil debts, that it serve not as safe cache for criminals
  200. as did the Florentine Loan Office
  201. anno domini 15 hundred an’ whatever
  202. remain obliged to take salt from Grosseto
  203. at the same price as now ruling

  204. 1676 ambassadors to Firenze

  205. when the Grand Duke said he did not understand economics
  206. non intendeva di quella materia
  207. being obliged to trust in his ministers
  208. 1679 for two years no one gaoled
  209. for debts under 14 lire, those in for 30 or under
  210. cd. be released on order of the Buonuomini
  211. who shd/fix terms for arbitration
  212. Monte to lend 4736 scudi
  213. to the Tolomei foundation, and to take no interest on this sum
  214. spent for the college
  215. 1680 to debtors 4% and one third
  216. to creditors be paid 2/3rds of 1% under that, frozen assets

  217. Dixbre ‘22 make responsible
  218. all persons, and all goods of the laity
  219. that the Mount have its fund secure
  220. that whoso puts his coin in it shall hold his luoghi
  221. bearing 5% fruitage per annum
  222. Signed Nicolo de Antille
  223. Horatio Gianfiglioli
  224. Seb. Cellesi LL AA (Their Highnesses)
  225. gratify this demand to set up a Monte
  226. to Public Good and to private
  227. to empower, facilitate, and be licit
  228. were pleased to accommodate, and prestare
  229. the fund on the Grand Duke’s public income
  230. to the sum as of capital 200,000
  231. for 5% fruitage that wd. be ten thousand the year
  232. which attain to the Office of Grasslands
  233. Paschi di detta Città
  234. the said sum with cautele
  235. that no one shd/suffer
  236. Maria Maddalena, tutrice
  237. Horo della Rena
  238. (whose bastards)
  239. 1622 thirtieth of Xembre were not his natural bastards
  240. that the Illustrious Bailey shall execute this order in all points
  241. (but only his bastards officially)
  242. faithful rescript of their Highnesses
  243. 2 Jan. 1622, Orazio Grcolini
  244. Stile senese or the year beginning in March
  245. Enacted Siena, in the Parish of S. Gionni, in palatio,
  246. with witnesses above mentioned, apostolic, imperial, citizen
  247. of Siena

  248. Firenze 1749, 1000 scudi
  249. for draining the low land
  250. 2000 to fix Roman Road advance authorized up to 12,000

  251. Public debt at the end of the Medici

  252. scudi 14 million
  253. or 80 million lira pre-war.


A Draft of XXX Cantos

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