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As to cantos 18-19; there aint no key. Simplest parallel, I can give is radio where you tell who is talking by the noise they make. If your copies are properly punctuated they shd. show where each voice begins and ends. It is NOT a radio.

You hear various people letting cats out of bags at maximum speed. Armaments, finance, etc. A “great editor” at least edt. of the woilds best known news sheet, a president of a new nation, or one then in the making, a salesman of battleships, etc. with bits of biography of a distinguished financier, etc.

mostly things you oughtn’t to know’, not if you are to be a good quiet citizen. that’s all.

Who made the bloody war? The cantos belong rather to the hell section of the poem

Ezra Pound to his father on 29 November 1924. L/HP 548)


The Fifth Decad

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Cantos LII - LXXI

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