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Who made the bloody war? The cantos belong rather to the hell section of the poem; though I am not sorting it out in the Dantescan manner.

Ezra Pound to his father on 29 November 1924, L/HP 548.


The exposés of industrial waste, sabotage, and activities of munitions salesmen in cantos 18 and 19, then, reflect Douglas’s understanding of the inevitable consequences of the capitalist system of price setting - organized waste and war.

Leon Surette. A Light from Eleusis 92.



HELL: CANTOS XIV and XV [British politics and the press]

CANTO XVI [narratives of WWI]

CANTO XXXV [WWI in Europe]

CANTO XXXVIII [armaments industries in France and Germany]

CANTO XLVI [Geryon; the financial fraud and the misery of capitalism]

CANTO L [Napoleonic wars and British politics]


Cantos in periodicals

Three Cantos (Ur-Cantos)

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A Draft of XXX Cantos

A Draft of XVI Cantos


Eleven New Cantos

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The Fifth Decad

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Cantos LII - LXXI

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