Anchises and A

 "King Otreus, of Phrygia/ That king is my father."


I mean or imply that certain truth exists. Certain colours exist in nature though great painters have striven vainly, and though the colour film is not yet perfected. Truth is not un­true’d by reason of our failing to fix it on paper. Certain objects are communicable to a man or woman only “with proper lighting”, they are perceptible in our own minds only with proper “lighting”, fitfully and by instants.

(Ezra Pound. Guide to Kulchur 295)



CANTO XVII [Greek pastoral]

CANTO XXI [gods and human life in nature]

CANTO XXXIX [Greek language as secretum; sacramental sex] 

CANTO XLVII [Aphrodite’s lovers: Anchises versus Adonis]

CANTO XLVIII [Provençal troubadours and Montségur]


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Three Cantos (Ur-Cantos)

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A Draft of XXX Cantos

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Eleven New Cantos

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The Fifth Decad

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Cantos LII - LXXI

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