1. Tempus loquendi,

  2. Tempus tacendi.

  3. Said Mr Jefferson: It wd. have given us 

  4. time.

  5. modern dress for your statue.....

  6. “I remember having written you while Congress sat at Annapolis,

  7. “on water communication between ours and the western country,

  8. “particularly the information....of the plain between

  9. Big Beaver and Cayohoga, which made me hope that a canal

  10. ......navigation of Lake Erie and the Ohio. You must have had

  11. “occasion of getting better information on this subject

  12. “and if you have you wd. oblige me

  13. “by a communication of it. I consider this canal,

  14. “if practicable, as a very important work.

  15.                                              T. J. to General Washington, 1787

  16. ..... no slaves north of Maryland district....

  17. ..... flower found in Connecticut that vegetates when suspended

  18. in air ...

  19. ... screw more effectual if placed below surface of water.

  20. Suspect that a countryman of ours, Mr Bushnell of Connecticut

  21. is entitled to the merit of prior discovery.

  22. Excellency Mr Adams. Excellency Dr. Franklin.

  23. And thus Mr Jefferson (president) to Tom Paine:

  24. You expressed a wish to get a passage to this country

  25. in a public vessel. Mr. Dawson is charged with orders

  26. to the captain of the ‘Maryland’ to receive and accommodate you

  27. with passage back, if you can depart on so short a warning....

  28. in hopes you will find us returned to sentiments

  29. worthy of former time..... in these you have laboured as

  30. much as any man living. That you may long live to

  31. continue your labours and to reap their fitting reward....

  32. Assurances of my high esteem and attachment.”

  33. English papers ... their lies.....

  34. in a few years ...  no slaves northward of Maryland ...

  35. Their tobacco, 9 millions, delivered in port of France;

  36. 6 millions to manufacture

  37. on which the king takes thirty million

  38. that cost 25 odd to collect

  39. so that in all it costs 72 millions livres to the

  40. consumer......

  41. persuaded (I am) in this branch of the revenue

  42. the collection absorbs too much.

  43.                                                                                (from Paris, 1785)

  44. ......for our model, the Maison Quarrée of Nismes.....


  45. With respect to his motives (Madison writing) I acknowledged

  46. I had been much puzzled to divine any natural ones

  47. without looking deeper into human nature

  48. than I was willing to do.

  49.                                                       (in re/Mr Robert Smith)

  50. So critical the state of that country

  51. moneyed men I imagine are glad to place their money abroad.

  52. Mr Adams could borrow there for us.

  53. This country is really supposed to be on the eve of a XTZBK49HT

  54.                                   (parts of this letter in cypher)

  55.                               Jefferson, from Paris, to Madison, Aug. 2, 1787

  56. I hear that Mr Beaumarchais means to make himself heard ..

  57. ... turn through the Potomac,.. commerce of Lake Erie....

  58. I can further say with safety there is not a crowned head

  59. in Europe whose talents or merits would entitle him

  60. to be elected a vestryman by any American parish.

  61.                                         T. J. to General Washington, May 2. ’88.

  62. “When Lafayette harangued you and me and  John Quincy Adams 

  63. “through a whole evening in your hotel in the Cul de Sac....

  64. “.... silent as you were. I was, in plain truth as astonished

  65. “at the grossness of his ignorance of government and history,

  66. “as I had been for years before at that of Turgot,

  67. La Rochefoucauld, of Condorcet and of Franklin.”

  68.                          To Mr Jefferson, Mr John Adams.

  69. ... care of the letters now enclosed. Most of them are

  70. of a complexion not proper for the eye of the police.

  71.                            From Monticello, April 16th. 1811

  72.                                                 To Mr Barlow departing for Paris.

  73. ... indebted to nobody for more cordial aid than to Gallatin ...

  74. Adair too had his kink. He believed all the Indians of

  75. “America to be descended from the jews.”

  76.                             Mr Jefferson to Mr Adams.

  77. “But observe that the public were at the same time paying

  78. on it an interest of exactly the same amount

  79. (four million dollars). Where then is the gain to either

  80. party which makes it a public blessing?

  81.                                        to Mr Eppes, 1813

  82. Man, a rational creature!” said Franklin.

  83. “Come, let us suppose a rational man.

  84. “Strip him of all his appetites, especially his hunger and thirst.

  85. “He is in his chamber, engaged in making experiments,

  86. “Or in pursuing some problem.

  87. “At this moment a servant knocks. ‘Sir,

  88. “‘dinner is on the table.’

  89. “‘Ham and chickens?’ ‘Ham!’

  90. “‘And must I break the chain of my thoughts to

  91. “‘go down and gnaw a morsel of damned hog’s arse?

  92. “‘Put aside your ham; I will dine tomorrow;’

  93. Take away appetite, and the present generation would not

  94. Live a month, and no future generation would exist;

  95. and thus the exalted dignity of human nature etc. .....

  96.                   Mr Adams to Mr Jefferson, 15 Nov. 1813.

  97. “.. wish that I cd. subjoin Gosindi’s Syntagma

  98. “of the doctrines of Epicurus.

  99.                                                                                       (Mr Adams.)

  100. “.. this was the state of things in 1785 ...”

  101.                                                                                    (Mr Jefferson.)

  102. .. met by agreement, about the close of the session---

  103. Patrick Henry, Frank Lee and your father,

  104. Henry Lee and myself ... to consult .. measures

  105. circumstances of times seemed to call for ...

  106. produce some channel of correspondence ... this was in ’73.

  107.                                                                     Jefferson to D. Carr

  108. .. church of St. Peter.....human reason, human conscience,

  109. though I believe that there are such things....

  110.                                                                                              Mr Adams.

  111. A tiel leis....en ancien scripture, and this

  112. they have translated Holy Scripture ...

  113.                                                            Mr Jefferson

  114. and they continue this error.

  115. Bonaparte ... knowing nothing of commerce....

  116. ... or paupers, who are about one fifth of the whole ...

  117.           (on the state of England in 1814).

  118.                                       Hic Explicit Cantus

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