1. The revolution,” said Mr Adams

  2. “Took place in the minds of the people.” 

  3. ........... with sixty cannon, ten tons of powder, 

  4. 10,000 muskets and bayonets, lead, bed-covers, 

  5. uniforms and a colonel, to affirm their neutrality ... the Amphitrite 

  6. departed the tenth of March to her first destination ... 

  7. and a fourth which orders the liquidation 

  8. and payment of what remains due to the Merchants of Morea 

  9. et des dettes des dites Echelles as you may 

  10. read dans les arrêts principaux du Conseil, decembre, ’soixante six

  11. armes et autres ustenciles qui ne peuvent être que pour 

  12. le compte du gouvernement ... Monsieur Saint-Libin

  13. très au fait des langues du Pays,  connu des Nababs

  14. especially Hyder Ali

  15. ... pour l’exciter, et à tailler des croupières to the Anglois ... 

  16. peu délicat sur les moyens.... to break up our bonds

  17. with the Portagoose.... and as for the Amphitrite, M’lorrd 

  18. she fits under Beaumarchais’ supervision, her cargo 

  19. mainly munitions....... 

  20. Witnesses will some of them prove that he (Burr) had 

  21. no interest in the Ohio canal.... 

  22. coram non judice

  23. as usual where an opinion is to be supported right or wrong, 

  24. dwells on smaller objections and passes over the solid. 

  25. Oryzia mutica, the upland or mountain rice ... 

  26. seed of perennial succory.... very famous turnip of Sweden.... 

  27. I pray you place me rectus in curia in this business 

  28. with the Emperor (Alexander) and to assure him 

  29. that I carry into my retirement the highest veneration ... for his 

  30. dispositions to better at least in some degree the 

  31. condition of man oppressed.... 

  32. If you return to us, to bring me a couple 

  33. of shepherd dogs, true-bred......much desired that war be avoided

  34. type-founding to which antimony is essential, I therefore place 

  35.           Mr Ronaldson in your hands. ...

  36. be avoided, if circumstances will admit ... 

  37. for civilizing the indians, great improvement on the 

  38. ancient ineffectual ... which began with religious ministrations. 

  39. The following has been successful. First, to raise cattle 

  40. whereby to acquire a sense of the value of property ... 

  41. arithmetic to compute that value, thirdly writing, to 

  42. keep accounts, and here they begin to labour; 

  43. enclose farms, and the women to weave and spin ...

  44. fourth to read Aesop’s Fables, which are their first delight 

  45. along with Robinson Crusoe. Creeks, Cherokees, the latter 

  46. now instituting a government. 

  47. ... and as many, just as respectable, swore to the contrary 

  48. all of whom present at the sermon.... 

  49. ... deem it necessary to keep them down by hard labour, poverty, ignorance,

  50. and to take from them, as from bees, so much of their earnings 

  51. as that unremitting labour shall be necessary to obtain a 

  52.         sufficient surplus 

  53. barely to sustain a scant life. And these earnings 

  54. they apply to maintain their privileged orders in splendour and idleness

  55. to fascinate the eyes of the people ... as to an order of superior 

  56.          beings ... June 12, ‘23 to Judge Johnson ... 

  57. whether in a stye, stable or state-room, 

  58. let everything bend before them and banish whatever might 

  59. lead them to think ... and thus are become as mere animals.... 

  60. Cannibals of Europe are eating one another again....

  61. out of his case, to say what the law in a moot case would be, 

  62. Judge Marshall is irregular.... 

  63. ... animal is entirely without thought 

  64.                   if deprived of that organ ... 

  65.                                 Mr. Adams to Mr. Jefferson ... 

  66. .. whether in a stye, a stable or in a stateroom.... 

  67.                   Louis Sixteenth was a fool

  68. The King of Spain was a fool, the King of Naples a fool 

  69. they despatched two courriers weekly to tell each other, over a 

  70.          thousand miles 

  71.                    what they had killed ... the King of Sardinia

  72. was, like all the Bourbons, a fool, the 

  73. Portuguese Queen a Braganza and therefore by nature an idiot, 

  74. The successor to Frederic of Prussia, a mere hog

  75. in body and mind, Gustavus and Joseph of Austria

  76. were as you know really crazy, and George 3d was in 

  77. a straight waistcoat, 

  78. there remained none but old Catherine, too lately picked up......... 

  79. by which we are in the constant practice of changing the 

  80. characters and propensities of the animals we raise for 

  81. our purposes.... 

  82.                   a guisa de leon

  83. The cannibals of Europe are eating one another again 

  84.                   quando si posa. 


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