To the Editor of Chicago Tribune, 31 January 1932

YCAL Mss 43 Box 8/Folder 388

Ed/ Tr/

For editions de luxe, because wood-pulp paper etc. crumbles in a century or so and priceless etc. wd. Be lost if the GOVERNMENT do buy rag paper to preserve the priceless words, etc…. At a time when we already have two hundred fool schemes for the govt. to make underwear, plant grape vines, etc.


Every author with any intention of producing anything of more or less durable value takes the trouble to have it printed on good paper. Most so-called authors have no wish to write for posterity and no care for anything save immediate profits, and consider anyone who had such ambition a nut or an imbecile.

A great many books are printed on good paper, especially classics and books that are supposed to have permanent interest.

A few years ago the de luxe edtn. was one of the few means of publishing anything not likely to have large commercial success. This means of attaining free speech has been largely blocked by the formation of a de luxe book trust in New York, which has reduced at least 80% of the de luxe book production to commercial level, but has not been able to eliminate free individual production altogether.


 From William Bird, 25 July 1932

YCAL Mss 43 Box/??

And speaking of Maecenases, I have just received from the binder after 5 years waiting a Japan copy of Cantos handsomely bound in red morocco. If you happen to hear of anybody with 100 smackers who wants a safe investment, it looks like the opportunity of a lifetime. Many people who bought N.Y. Central five years ago are wishing to-day that they had bought Cantos instead.





From William Bird, 13 January 1933

YCAL Mss 43 Box/??


Cherished Ezra

            I have the welcome news that the 2 vols. of CANTOS will be shipped to you on Monday. They have been completed in professional style by my daughter, who has spent most of the Xmas holidays at the bindery.

            If, as I assume, these vols. are sold, you may if convenient send me 25 bucks as my share of the booty.



From William Bird, 17 January 1933

YCAL Mss 43 Box/??

Dear Ezra: Okay – don’t pay for books until sold. They were posted yesterday in 2 packages, registered.


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