1. We ought, I think, to say in civil terms: You be damned’
  2. (Palmerston, to Russell  re/  Chas. H. Adams)

  3. ‘And how this people CAN in this the fifth
  4. et cetera year of the war, leave that old etcetera up

  5. there on that monument!’ H. G. to E. P. 1918
  6. Lex salica! lex Germanica, Antoninus
  7. said law rules at sea

  8. FIXED in the soul, nell’ anima, of the Illustrious College
  9. They had been ten years proposing such a Monte,
  10. That is a species of bank—damn good bank, in Siena

  11. A mount, a bank, a fund a bottom an
  12. institution of credit
  13. a place to send cheques in and out of
  14. and yet not yet a banco di giro, and the Bailey
  15. sought views from the Senate ‘With paternal affection
  16. justice convenience of city what college had with such
  17. foresight wherefore S. A. (Your Highness) as in register
  18. Nov. 1624
  19. following details: as third, a Yearly balance
  20. as 5th that any citizen shall have right to deposit
  21. and to fruits therefrom resultant at five percent annual interest
  22. and that borrowers pay a bit over that
  23. for services (dei ministri) that is for running expenses
  24. and book keeping which shall be counted a half scudo
  25. per hundred per year
  26. (All of this is important)
  27. and 6thly that the Magistrate
  28. give his chief care that the specie
  29. be lent to whomso can best use it USE IT
  30. (id est, piú utilmente)
  31. to the good of their houses, to benefit of their business
  32. as of weaving, the wool trade, the silk trade
  33. And that (7thly) the overabundance every five years shall the Bailey
  34. distribute to workers of the contrade (the wards) holding in
  35. reserve a prudent proportion as against unforeseen losses
  36. though there shd. be NO such losses
  37. and 9th that the borrowers can pay up before the end of their
  38. term whenso it be to their interest. No debt to run more than
  39. five years.
  40. July 1623
  41. Loco Signi 
  42.                  [a cross in the margin]

  43. That profit on deposits should be used to cover all losses
  44. and the distributions on the fifth year be made from remaining
  45. profits, after restoration of losses no (benché) matter how small
  46. with sane small reserve against future idem
  47. I, Livio Pasquini, notary, citizen of Siena, most faithfully copied
  48. July 18th. 1623
  49. Consules, Iudices, and notary public pro serenissimo
  50. attest Livio’s superscript next date being November.
  51.                wave falls and the hand falls
  52. Thou shalt not always walk in the sun
  53.        or see weed sprout over cornice
  54. Thy work in set space of years, not over an hundred.

  55. That the Mount of Pity (or Hock Shop)
  56. municipal of Siena has lent only on pledges
  57. that is on stuff actually hocked ... wd be we believe useful
  58. and beneficent that there be place to lend licitly
  59. MONEY to receive licitly money
  60. at moderate and legitimate interest
  61. was sent months ago to YYour HHighness AA VV a memorial
  62. to erect a New Mountain
  63. could accept specie from Universities (id est congregations)
  64. and individuals and from Luoghi
  65. i.e. companies and persons both public and private
  67. not requiring that they have special privilege
  68. because of their state or conditions but to folk of
  70. that the same Mount cd/lend on good Mallevadoria
  71. (that is security) at the same rate plus a little over
  72. to cover current expenses of supervisors and employees
  73. & being sent to YY. HHighnesses (AA. VV. = YY HH)
  74. that you might understand it
  75. that it be brought to consideration with certain details
  76. discussed first orally and then put into writing
  77. (in what wd. seem to have been 1622)
  78. Stating that Siena had no income and Their Highnesses
  79. had provided credit from customs
  80. and from miscellaneous taxes
  81. and that the Grand Duke hadn’t lost anything by it
  82. Plus a list of Sienese assets (coolish)
  83. Plus a lien on ‘The Abundance’
  84. And knowing that all this is but a little
  85. Pledge the persons and goods of the laity
  86. And leave open door to other towns in the state
  87. who care to give similar pledges
  88. And that whoso puts in money shall have lots in the Monte
  89. that yield 5% interest
  90. and that these shareholders shall receive their due fruit
  91. And that the Gd Duke make known at Siena
  92. to the same deputies of the Bailey ...
  93. but that it be separate from the Pawn Shop
  94. and have its own magistrates and employees
  95. and that YYour HHighnesses send approbation
  96. commanding their will, we humbly with reverence
  97. ... the 29th day of Xember 1622 ...
  98. servants of YYour HHighnesses
  99. Nicolo de Antille
  100. Horatio Gionfiglioli
  101. Sebastiano Cellesi
  102. TTheir HHighnesses gratified
  103. the city of this demand to
  104. erect a New Monte
  105. for good public and private and to facilitate ...
  106. ..agreed to accommodate
  107. ......and to lend the fund against the Gd Duke's
  108. public entries to the sum of
  109. 200,000 scudi
  110. capital for fruit at 5% annual
  111. which is 10,000 a year
  112. assigned on the office of grazing
  113. on caution of said security offered
  114. leaving ground for other towns that
  115. wish to participate
  116. with TTheir HHighnesses 
  117. approbations as follows:
  118. Maria Maddalena Tutrice
  119. Horo della Rena 30 Xembre 1622
  120. Needs a stamp
  121. refer to
  122. the Governor
  123. Fabbizio bollo
  124. vedo
  125. Governatore                                     the illustrious Bailey
  126. executed in toto & as per true rescript of
  127. TTheir HHighnesses
  128. 2 Jan 1622
  129. Cenzio Grcolini
  130. which date goes in the Sienese calendar
  131. whereof December was the x th month and
  132. March was the New Year
  133. ACTUM SENIS, the
  134. Parish of San Joannij in the Gd Ducal Palace
  135. present the Marquis Joanne Christophoro the
  136. illustrious Marquis Antony Mary of Malaspina
  137. and the most renowned Johnny something or other de Binis
  138. Florentine Senator, witness and I notary undersigned
  139. Ego Livius Pasquinus of Marius
  140. (deceased) filius Apostolic Imperial and Pontifical notary
  141. public Judge Ordinary, Citizen of Siena
  143. let all sundry and whoever be
  144. satisfied that the said MOUNT may be created.
  145. so that the echo turned back in my mind: Pavia:

  146. Saw cities move in one figure, Vicenza, as depicted
  147. San Zeno by Adige ...
  148. I Nicolaus Ulivis
  149. de Cagnascis citizen of Pistoja Florentine notary public
  150. countersigning
  151. Senatus Populusque Senensis
  152. ob pecuniae scarcitatem
  153. borrowing, rigging exchanges,
  154. licit consumption impeded
  155. and it is getting steadily WORSE
  156. others with specie abundant do not use it in business
  157. (to be young is to suffer.
  158. Be old, and be past that) 
  159. do not use it in business and everyone remains here
  160. without work
  161. few come to buy in the market
  162. fewer still work the fields
  163. Monte non vacabilis publico
  164. shares not to expire with death ... will TTheir HHighnesses
  165. against public entries
  166. get that straight—capital two hundred thousand
  167. which wd. correspond to 10,000 income
  168. on the entries of the office of grazing
  169. with precautions (cauteles)
  170. to guarantee their same Highnesses against any possible loss
  171. Which idea dates at least to July 1623
  172. die decima ottava
  173. and other copies 1624, 1622
  174. which seems to have been approved ‘last October’
  175. by Della Rena and M. Magdalene the She Guardian,
  176. tutrice, more or less regent
  177. Don Ferdinandus Secundus           Dux Magnus
  178. and his Serenest she tutrices
  179. with public documentation
  180. for public and private utility
  181. foreseeing erection
  182. legitimate and just, such a MOUNTAIN

    loca montis

  183. Chigi, Soffici, Marcellus de? Illuri,
  184. no, Marcellus Austini, Caloanes Marescotti and
  185. Lord Mt Alban effected
  186. that the officers of this Mountain
  187. and in time to come all their successors
  188. shares that shall be called Loca Montis
  189. Have you a place on the Hill, sir?
  190. out of sure knowledge and
  191. ex certe scientia et in plenitude of their powers
  192. inviolable for observance, so to be comprehended
  193. 10 thousand scudi
  194. de libris septeno
  195. ? one scudo worth 7 lire
  196. in respect to 200,000 (two hundred thousand).



A Draft of XXX Cantos

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