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 Performed by Thomas Binkley


Lo ferm voler qu'el cor m'intra

By Arnaut Daniel

Lo Ferm Voler Qu’el Cor M'intra

 Translated by Ezra Pound

Lo ferm voler qu'el cor m'intra

no.m pot ges becx escoyssendre ni ongla

de lauzengier qui pert per mal dir s'arma;

e car po l'aus batr'ab ram ni ab veria,

sivals a frau, lai on non aurai oncle,

iauzirai ioy, en vergier o dins cambra.

The firm wishing that gets ingress

To my heart fears no cad's beak or nail-tip

Of cad who by false speech doth lose his soul's hope,

And if I dare assail him not with bough or osier

On quiet I, where one admits no uncle,

Will get my joy in garden or in bower.

Quan mi sove de la cambra

on a mon dan sai que nulhs hom non intra

ans me son tug plus que fraire ni oncle,

non ai membre no'm fremisca, neis l'ongla,

aissi cum fai l'efans denan la veria:

tal paor ai no.l sia trop de l'arma.

When I remember the bower

Where to my spite I know that no man gets ingress,

But do no more than may brothers and uncles,

I tremble all length, all save my nail-tips,

As does a child before a switch of osier,

So fear I lest I come not near my soul's hope.

Del cor l'i fos, non de l'arma,

e cossentis m'a celat dins sa cambra!

que plus mi nafra.l cor que colps de veria

qu'ar lo sieus sers lai on ilh es non intra:

de lieys serai aissi cum carns et ongla,

e non creirai castic d'amic ni d'oncle.

Of body 'twas not of soul's hope

That consenting she hid me in her bower.

Now it hurts my heart worse than strokes of osiers

That where she now is, her slave gets no ingress.

I cling mam to her as is the flesh to the nail-tip

And take warning of neither friend nor uncle.

Anc la seror de mon oncle

non amiei plus ni tan, per aquest'arma,

qu'aitan vezis cum es lo detz de l'ongla,

s'a lieis plagues, volgr'esser de sa cambra:

de me pot far l'amors, qu'ins el cor m'intra

mielhs a son vol qu'om fortz de frevol veria.

Ne'er Jove I sister of uncle

As I love her I love, by my soul's hope.

Close cling I as doth the finger to nail-tip

And would be, and it please her, in her bower;

Love that in my heart gets ingress

Can shake me, as strong man not an osier.

Pus floric la seca veria

ni d'en Adam foron nebot ni oncle,

tan fin amors cum selha qu'el cor m'intra

non cug qu'anc fos anc en cors ni es en arma.

on qu'ilh estey, fors en plass' o dins cambra,

mos cors no.s part de lieis tan cum ten l'ongla.

Since flower sprang on dry osier,

Since Adam began this line of nephews and uncles,

Such fine love as to my heart hath ingress

Was not to my belief in body or soul's hope.

If she be in piazza nor bower,

My heart leave not by a nail-tip.

Qu'aissi s'enpren e s'enongla

mos cors en lieys cum l'escors' en la veria,

qu'ilh m'es de ioy tors e palais e cambra,

e non am tan fraire, paren ni oncle,

qu'en paradis n'aura doble ioi m'arma,

si ia nulhs hom per ben amar lai intra.

The heart roots and clings like the nail-tip

Or as the bark clings that dings to the osier,

For she is joy's palace, she is joy's bower

Nor love I so father, nor kinsman, nor kind uncle.

Double joy in Paradise, by my soul's hope,

Shall I have if ere true Jove there win ingress.

Arnaut tramet son cantar d'ongl' e d'oncle

ab grat de lieys, que de sa veri'a l'arma,

son Dezirat, qu'a pretz dins cambra intra.

Arnaut sends the song of nail and uncle

With thanks to her the soul of his osier,

Son Dezirat, who to some purpose hath ingress in bower.



Arnaut Daniel. "Lo ferm Voler." In Provenzalische Chrestomathie. Ed. Carl Appel. Leipzig: O.R. Reisland 1895. 67.

Arnaut Daniel. "Lo ferm Voler." Translated by Ezra Pound. In Poems & Translations. Ed. Richard Sieburth. New York: Library of America, 2003. 502-503.